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Crystal Horn

Hello Frances!  Not at all-  it's a great question.  Currently, Articulate Review will keep your place in a course if you navigate to another tab within that course link (like Feedback, for example).  If you revisit a course during another browsing session or after closing it out, it will start at the beginning without reference to your Resume settings.

I can see how that function would be useful for you since Articulate Review is such a quick and easy publishing option.  I'll submit a feature request on your behalf, and in the meantime, a great way to test out all features would be to give it a test run in your web or LMS environment.  The resume behavior should work well there!  

Kyle Main

I'm having issues with the Resume feature from my LMS.

I'm hoping there is an easy solution.

For some reason the courses I have to work on and to put into Storyline are long and will only be on 1 slide.

I have the Player Settings set to ask a user to resume. And I have the slide set to resume saved state.

When a person is half way through and leaves and comes back, it is restarting the slide from the start.  We tried this on SCORM Cloud too, and it has the same issue.

Any suggestions?



- Kyle M.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kyle, 

Are the Engage files embedded in your Storyline course? 

Since Engage interactions are treated as web objects in Storyline, your imported interaction will play as a standalone interaction (even though it's embedded in your Storyline course). If the resume feature in the interaction is enabled, learners will see a prompt asking if they want to resume where they left off when they view the interaction slide more than once.

So before importing an Articulate Engage interaction into Articulate Storyline, we recommend disabling the resume feature in the interaction.

Here's a bit more information and some steps to help you out if you've already inserted the Engage into Storyline. 

Kyle Main

Thanks for your reply Ashley.

Since I was viewing in Articulate REVIEW, I was not seeing a prompt (same
for the whole course that was set to prompt a user - Flash and HTML
Published formats).

I followed your link and read through, and There is not an option in the
interaction properties for turning of resume. Maybe it's because of the
type of Conversation interaction.??? Attached is the screenshot.

Would any of these other settings make a difference?

[image: Inline image 1]