Issues with generating new versions of existing courses

Hi all,


Does anyone else have issues of files which are Save As-es of a previous module and uploading to the same link in Review?  Sometimes and I can't pinpoint when it is, even though I select to create a new version of an existing course in Review it creates a totally new link. I can select publish to the old link 10 times in a row and it continues to create a new link or create a new version of the new link it created.  It is really frustrating to spend a half hour publishing waiting for that one time to be the time it creates a new version of the course I selected and sometimes I totally give up and generate a new link because it is taking too long.



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Katie Riggio

So sorry you ran into that, Vanessa. 

That sounds frustrating, and I'm happy to help investigate! First, a quick question just to make sure I understand: 

When you ran into that problem, which Publish option did you pick:


  • If Create a new item: With this option, you'll create a new item in Review 360 with a new URL. Any older versions of the course won't carry over.
  • If Publish a new version of an existing item: With this option, the latest version will appear on the same URL. To see the old version, click on the Current Version drop-down option at the top of the page.

Click here to see more about how content owners manage projects in Review 360!

If you're comfortable with sending in an affected shareable link and project file for testing, I'd love to explore any inconsistencies! You can use this link to share those items privately with me. 😊