Update an Articulate Review version in Rise

Dec 21, 2020

I'm not sure if this is a Rise question or a Review question. 
My team has multiple people working on the same Rise 360 project, all as course managers with full control. 

When one person creates a Review 360 version (Create new item) none of the rest of the team can Publish a new version of an existing item because the existing Review 360 version doesn't show up in the pulldown list. Only the original person can update the version.

Is that expected behavior? I would expect any of the course managers to be able to Publish a new version. It's one big reason we are all managers, not collaborators.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sierra!

Great question! You're not seeing the Publish a new version of existing item available because each person has access to their own Review 360 dashboard. It sounds like you were hoping there was a location for everyone to access the same Review 360 dashboard. We have logged this as a feature request.

I'll update you in this discussion if this feature makes it on our feature roadmap.