Limits to number of views of courses loaded into Articulate Review

I am wondering if there is a limit to how many stakeholders/learners can access a course on Articulate Review. I have a course that may require a 100+ people to review. I would not think that having them leave comments would needed as I would have them provide feedback to me personally. Is there a limit to the number of hits a course can take in Review???

Thanks in advance for comments...

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Vincent Scoma

Hi John,

Happy to help here! 

Is there a limit to how many users can access the review link?

There is no limit to the users that can access and review the link you share with them. I do want to mention that Review 360 is more of a tool to help with course development and to collaborate with Stakeholders. If you would like learners to access the course, it might be better to either host the course on a web server or utilize an LMS. 

You can find more details about publishing a course for those outputs and some solutions here