Make edits while viewing comments

Nov 06, 2018

When reading comments on my Rise course, I would like to be able make changes to the content. As far as I can tell, I need to close Review and then Open Rise (while remembering the changes I want to make). I can't see the comments and make changes within the same window (As I would in Word or Powerpoint, for example.) Is there a way to do this? If not, can this be a future update?

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Sarah. Welcome to the Articulate family, and that's a great question!

You're spot-on. While there currently isn't a way to edit or make changes in Articulate Review, I'm going to share your insight with our product team. We're always looking at new features, so if we make changes in this area, we promise to keep this conversation updated!

Additionally, comments roll forward with each new version, so you'll see actionable feedback for the version you selected and all versions before it. More on managing projects in Review here

I hope that helps, and as always: keep the ideas and feedback coming! 🌟

Briana Goldman

I would like to second this request - it would be so much easier to edit directly in Review360 while you're looking at the reviewer comment. Often there are just minor changes (spelling, or a missing comma) that would take one second to edit in Review360, and much longer to toggle into Rise to edit. 

Meg Hutchinson

The lack of ability to pinpoint where comments are aligned to and the ability to see comments while editing is adding hours onto my project. 

I'm having to use context clues in the actual comment to try and figure out what my colleague is referencing, then flip back and forth between two tabs. It is frustrating and time consuming. 

It feels like a feature that is meant to make my work better and easier is actually making it harder. 

HMCTS Learning (GW)

I'm having the same problem with Storyline products in Rise when the review comes back only a front image is depicted and not related to the screen in Storyline that has the issue. I am using up to 30 screen process-driven Storyline add-ins which I then have to go through one by one to find what needs changing.

I use a workaround by having each screen numbered L1 S1 S1 (lesson 1, Scene 1, Slide 1) etc and have this tagged in the top right-hand corner of the slides during the review process.

We ask the reviewer to quote the slide number when they find content that needs amending and we remove the tag from all the slides once the review is signed-off.

Angela DiGiallonardo

Are there any new updates on this challenge?

Having the ability to let the reviewer highlight the content they are commenting on, then leave a note in the right pane would be awesome. For the reviewer who is also needing to make edits, it'd be lovely to be able to click on the highlighted content to make the changes and then have a button to put you back to the review comments screen to respond, resolve, or move to the next. 

Being able to export comments is sort of a bandaid to the problem; being a challenge for multiple years is showing a very low priority from the company's side - but shouldn't your users be able to give feedback and see a higher priority so that positive experiences carry instead of negative ones?

Daniel Moon

To hear that this feature hasn't even made it onto the feature roadmap is disheartening.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but that seems to mean that this feature is not even in the plans. 

I expected collaboration to be the central focus of Review 360 — to gain feedback from colleagues and action that feedback.

Would someone who's used this longer than me share your process for making Review useful without this feature?  I am willing to admit that I may have just gotten spoiled by the collaboration features in Google Docs and Office 365.

Emily Wascura

I agree that this feature would add so much to this software already. However, I was able to have my editable rise 360 file open on one half of my screen and the review 360 screen on the other half so I was able to see the comments and the editable material on the same screen and make my edits. Just a work around until this feature is prioritized.

Sarah Novinetz

This feature definitely needs to be added. I use Wipster for all other reviews of my design work. Where you can drop a pin on the spot. There is a lot of guesswork with Review 360 and then the toggling between where you can't make corrections at the same time. I would have thought it would be a top priority because of the lack of functionality, not something on a feature roadmap.

Angela DiGiallonardo

I hope that because there were users that mentioned some [painful workaround(s)] to the issue raised, this feature request from real users isn't being de-prioritized...

Your user experience goal should be that end users have a seamless and pain-free experience (as possible), not to have to be creative in discovering their own workarounds to accommodate.

Product review is critical in the lifecycle, you would think that would make any requests related to the major milestones of a product lifecycle would have some sort of priority weighting.