Not able to load Review 360

May 04, 2021

Hi there,


I'm facing an issue with accessing Review 360 today. When I want to review an existing course, I keep on seeing this error message:

My internet connection is stable, so that's not what's going on. I can access other sites without issue, and Rise Articulate also works fine. I've tried logging out and back in, but the error message remains.

Something similar happens when I try to publish a new Rise course to Review. Then I just see this:

The connection can not be established and the wheel keeps on spinning.

Any advice on how to resolve this?


Thank you!


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Ren Gomez

Hi Jozefien,

Thanks for reaching out! We did have an issue yesterday where some previously published Review 360 courses weren't accessible. You can read more about it and subscribe for updates below:

It seems like your issue might be slightly different since you're unable to publish a new course as well! I recommend trying a different browser or clearing your browser cache to see if that helps resolve the issue. If not, connect with our support engineers, and they can lend a hand!