Playback problem with audio in Articulate Review 360

Sep 18, 2019

I've been working on a SL module and for days can't get the audio on a slide to playback correctly.  All seems fine in the preview of the slide and the entire project.  But when I publish to Articulate Review 360, one slide does not have the audio starting until halfway through.  There should be no reason for this (no audio delay, miscues, etc.).  Anyone else having trouble with playback for Articulate Review 360?

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Katie Riggio

Hi Tracey,

Thanks for the opportunity to troubleshoot your file! I'm replying publicly to share the issue with others who find this conversation:

  • We have an issue in Storyline's published output, where audio does not play when triggers 'When timeline starts' or 'When timeline reaches' are used to go to the next slide

I'll keep you posted on any workarounds and any changes to the bug on all fronts!

Katie Riggio

Hello Guillaume,

We're still monitoring this bug's impact, so I'll share your voice with my team. You're in the right place for any changes!

We haven't found a general workaround yet, but we are happy to troubleshoot your course for any custom options. You can connect with us directly through this case link at any time.

Thank you for checking in!


I thought my issue was in Rise, but it is in Review. Same issue, no audio playback with my SL files in Review. Triggers mentioned earlier are required.

As Laura mentioned, we also pay a lot per year, and there are a lot of issues in that prevent me from completing my work on time/properly.

When will Articulate get on this issue? I have seen other issues in other forums and issues from YEARS ago still have not been fixed.

Lauren Connelly

I completely understand how frustrating this is in Review 360. I'm sorry it is affecting your project and workflow! I've updated our report to share your recent comments with our team. 

There are several steps we take when tackling bugs. You can see our steps listed here. Customer impact is one of our top indicators, so we appreciate customers taking the time to report bugs to our team. The amount of time that has passed since a bug was reported is an essential factor too. Your comments are appreciated to keep our team updated on what customers need from our tools. 

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