press Enter to post comment in Review

Jan 04, 2018

Although I tell my reviewers every. single. time. they need to press Enter to post a comment... they don't press Enter. They type something and click off of it. Questions ensue. Comments are lost. Tears are shed.

I don't blame you, Articulate. You're good people. It was very reasonable of you to assume that pressing Enter is not asking too much. Sadly, my friends, you were wrong.

I would consider it a gift to my sanity if you captured comments without anyone having to press Enter. At the very least, add a note right there in the field that instructs them to press Enter. Much gratitude for even considering making your wonderful product more idiot-proof.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Heather and Wendy! Have you seen the new Post button we added in Articulate Review?

It'll serve as a visual reminder for users to press the button (or the Enter key) before adding another comment or moving on to another slide. It's a small change that we hope will make a big difference. 😁

Let us know what you think!

Bill McKee

Is there a way as a reviewer to "post" comments for an entire project and then notify the author?

I would like to be able to go through a project, make all my comments, review them and then send (post) them to the author. If the author is subscribed to "instant" notification it means that if I have 20 comments, the author get 20 emails. It would be nice if I could make my 20 comments, hold them until I am ready to post, then send an instant notification letting the author know the comments are there.

p.s. I personally don't like using Enter as a Post b/c I use Enter as a carriage (line) return - as it is used when posting here. So if I am used to that experience and methodology and then have a different experience when collaborating, I wind up creating more comments (and emails) than desired. The Post button is sufficient. IMO.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bill,

Thanks for popping into this discussion! Each author and reviewer can adjust how and when they receive notifications, so hopefully, authors who are set up for instant notifications understand that they'll see it in real-time. 

Also, for the Enter key have you tried using a Shift +Enter to make a new line while commenting?