Publish a new version of a Storyline course over an existing version in Review 360, while not being the original publisher.

How do I publish a new version of a Storyline course in Review 360 that was initially published by another member of the team? Is this possible, or would that person have to publish the new version? This is an issue if that team member is out of the office and the client needs a new version published, retaining all of the review comments from the initial version. If it cannot be done, does this have to do with our unique Articulate profiles and are there plans to change this in the future so that we can publish versions over other authors? Thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, George. You got it! Your content is tied to your individual Articulate ID. This rule is most applicable to your Review 360 (and Rise 360) content. So you can all publish the same Storyline 360 file, but the output will live in your own Review 360 dashboards individually.

We are tracking a feature request to have a Teams collaboration account in Review. I'll add this discussion so we can let you know about any changes in that direction.

Kimberley Meszaros

This feature would be very helpful- we have teams that work on projects (with multiple people that makes comments to one particular review link)- the way this is designed, if the original publisher goes on vacation, no-one else can update that link, meaning that any previously-made comments are only located in the person on vacation's link. Is there a status update from the team on this issue?

Bob Mongiovi

Any updates on if this is going to be implemented?

It would really make sense that by having a "Team Subscription", one of the things that could be shared is a publishing destination.  Or have an admin able to transfer publishing rights for a review page to a different Articulate ID, so there is still only one person available to do it.

I do see here:

...that you can transfer the review site to someone else on a team, but it would require removing the original person off the Team first, which isn't preferable.  If this functionality exists, then it should be possible to add new controls to move review sites to other Team members when necessary, like if someone goes on vacation and shouldn't be removed from the Team.

Ashley Hill

Hi Ren,

Are you able to provide any kind of timeframe for when this feature might exist?

I have noticed in several of these threads that Articulate 360 are 'working on a feature request' but there seems to be no indication of how long it might be until the new feature is available. Many months, or years later, the feature still does not exist.

If you could provide the community with approximate timeframes when new features are being worked on or considered, that would be really helpful.



Katie Riggio

Hello Ashley,

Thank you for the candid feedback! We're actively looking at how we can improve team collaboration in Review 360, so I'll share your voice with the right team. 

To help you plan, we don't have immediate plans to add this feature. We promise to let you know if that changes. Here's a look into what we're working on next and our feature request process:

I'll also surface your thoughts around timing and update you if we make any changes that help!