Publishing to wrong account

Jan 15, 2021

I have two accounts with different log in and email information. When I go to publish a course to review it publishes to the wrong login. Even after clearing my history/cache. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and it's publishing to the wrong account. Can you help me get the courses to publish to the correct account. I log in prior to starting work. It only happened when I opened an old file related to my old account. Now I can't access the new account even wiping the machine. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi F,

Thanks for reaching out! I appreciate you taking the time to troubleshoot publishing content using multiple logins.

From here, I'm going to enlist our Support Engineers' help, so we can figure out what's happening behind the scenes. You should receive an email from the team shortly, and I'll follow along to share any relevant insight here!

Mark Johnson
I'm having exactly the same problem. I've re-installed Articulate and double checked that I'm signed into the right account but all my review 360 files still get published to a second account I've only ever used once for one hour.

The second account login was provided by a client who wanted their work kept separately from my other projects.
Andria N. Shooter

Is there a solution for this? I am finding I need to uninstall and reinstall the app, sometimes multiple times, to get things to publish to the account I'm signed in as. I'm often needing to publish from both accounts in the same day, so it's quite frustrating and a massive time-suck. Thanks for any help!

Andria N. Shooter

Frustrating indeed, and I totally agree. 

I got there in the end after uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times. Cost me over an hour. I was advised by support to clear my cache (which I already had), but I'd prefer not to delete all my data every time; that's a hassle. I was also advised to use separate browsers for each account, which although I'm not crazy about, I will have to try, as I need to be able to alternate. 

Best of luck; and thanks so much for responding! 

Simon Blair

I found a solution that works (I switch between 3 accounts).
I created a separate Chrome profile for each account (I saved my logon credentials, but that's probably not necessary). To switch profiles in Articulate 360 I...

  1. Open a browser window with the associated Chrome account
  2. Sign out of the Articulate 360 app
  3. Sign in on the Articulate 360 app (automatically opens the sign-in window in the active window from step 1)
  4. Sign in on the browser

Anything I publish to Review goes to the account I selected in steps 1 and 4.

lindsay Maisel

Hello, also having this exact same problem. Cannot publish to my second account. Signed out everywhere in every browser, signed into my other account, every time I open up Storyline, it shows all the courses from my other account to 'update' and cannot publish a single course to my second account. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline and the SAME PROBLEM is still there. All the listings from my first account, and still cannot publish to the second account!

Lindsay Maisel

Update: I was instructed to clear my cache. It didn't help at all. And it doesn't affect the business that's within Storyline at all. Unhelpful suggestion and a continued colossal waste of time honestly. I also reinstalled and installed Storyline, 360 and everything twice. No change. And I spent HOURS on this, with zero resolution.

I was also then instructed to change my 'default browser' for my entire computer to accommodate this and try to make a fix. Also unacceptable and frustrating as a 'solution' suggestion, as I would really like to chose my own browser for my computer and shouldn't need to uproot my entire world to sign into my Storyline account. And still doesn't really fix the problem at all, just a work around. 

My Storyline 360 Review AND Peek go to the wrong account. Every time. I have not ONCE been able to post to my secondary account. Not once ever.

BUT I did discover a workaround (that was not suggested to me by anyone in the support staff or in this thread, but a fellow employee who ran into the same issue - also never resolved).

The ONLY way I was able to publish to my second account was as following:

In publish to 360 options, there is publishing to a new project (publishing to the wrong account always), existing project (again a sign that it's the wrong account - as all of the options are from my other account) and then OPTION 3 below is to 'Publish locally for manual upload'. 

Do that, find the folder it goes to. THEN (since you're logged into the correct account everywhere else except within Storyline....) go to your review account and publish manually via upload. 

I still am unable to actually publish to my own second account without a manual upload.

I hope someone else some day finds this post helpful.

James Washington

I don't know if anyone is still having this issue but in my case I found a simple workaround for juggling content from multiple accounts. I simply logged out using the App manager AND the sign-in Articulate prompt in my web browser and then signed back into the account I wanted to use. The App Manager is the blue icon with an "a" and line above it; its what you use to load all your 360 apps after download. I attached a screenshot of it.