Review 360 never loads

Mar 02, 2022

for the last couple months when I try to load my Review 360 homepage it took a few minutes. 

Today I have not been able to get the page to load at all. I just get the animated ellipses forever. Occasionally it will give me an error that my computer is not connected to the internet. This is not the case as I have a stable connection. 

I am using a VPN Device as I work remotely but I haven't had the issue in the past 2 years at all. 

Thanks for any advice. 

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Wilbert Mariano

Hi Nate,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! We're glad you're here. 😀

Thanks for sharing what you are experiencing.

Do you also get the same result when your VPN is disabled?

I've also opened a support case on your behalf so that you can work with a support engineer on this issue, and you should be hearing from someone soon.