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Katie Riggio

Hi Lucia! Hi Ellen!

All systems are operational, so I'm sorry to hear this. A few questions to help us explore further:

  • Is Review 360 still down for you both? Could you click this test Review 360 link and let me know if it loads on your side?
  • Which web browser were you using when the loop appeared? Do you see it in multiple browsers or a certain one?
Norma Kaplan

I gave someone two links of the same module to view.  She tried both and the screens come up grey.  I do believe she uses Google Chrome.  Another person uses Google Chrome, and only one link worked. 

I'm using these links to showcase some samples - these are guests. 

1. Why the grey screen

2. Can't they view without logging in?




Lauren Connelly

Hello Norma!

I'm happy to help! Anyone who has the Review link can see the project whether they're logged in or not. Since your colleagues see both a grey screen and can't continue if they don't log in, then we'll want to investigate this further by testing the Review link. 

I see that you're working with my teammate, Christopher, in a support case! Great call! I'll keep an eye on the progress of the case to see what the fix is.