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Johanna Varanasi

Hi Allison,

I will add my question to this thread as it touches upon a similar idea to Anita's, I think.

At the moment, comments in Review can be left on a lesson. However, the comments will appear chronologically and not next to the passage to which the comment refers. Is there an option to change this setting? 

I have two suggestions:

1. The oldest comments should appear on the top because reviewers read through the course from top to bottom and add comments while they are reading. In this way, the order of the comments would correspond to the chronology of the lesson.

2. Introduce a feature that comments can be added to a specific word, paragraph, image... as is possible in a PDF file.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Johanna! Your feedback tab can be sorted by "recent," or by "lesson." Click on the little clock or AZ icon at the top to change the view.

We are tracking requests to annotate the screenshots attached to comments in Review 360, and I'll count you in! We'll update you here if we make a change that helps.