Review not working anymore


We are using Review a lot and it's been since yesterday it doesn't work anymore.

I can access the courses I uploaded but when I open a file, it loads but never works. Am I the only one facing this issue? If so, does anyone have an idea to help me unblock Review?

This problem seems to occur only on IE.

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Bérengère LITTY

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Katie Riggio

So sorry you're hitting this snag in IE, Bérengère. I'm happy to help!

A few questions to start:

  • Is this happening with multiple files or a particular one?
  • What is the file type? Also, where is it being stored?
  • Could you share your Review URL with us so we can take a close look? If the content is sensitive, you can upload it privately here.
Bérengère LITTY


Thank you for answering.

It's hapening with all my files. It's SL360 files and I published them from local files.

Here is an example:

 It's been 10 minutes I launched the file and it's still loading.

Have a nice day,

Bérengère LITTY


Thank you for your answer.

It's okay now. Our IT service updated IE and some settings were preventing us to open the courses. We fixed it.

If anyone else runs into this kind of problem, you should check that animation and audio are allowed in your advanced internet options.

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