Reviewing Storyline Blocks in a Rise course, using Review360

Jan 18, 2021


We are using Rise for our training material. Within the Rise lessons, we are using storyline blocks for some of the content. 

The issue we have is when someone leaves a comment on the material in the storyline block, all we get in review360 is a picture of the opening slide for the block. Is there a way of getting a screenshot of the slide they are on? 
We need to be able to have one review link with all of our content in it. Sending out links for various storyline blocks and Rise will confuse our clients, and make the compilation of the review comments extremely difficult. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Fiona!

Thank you for taking the time to share this with us! I understand how confusing this must be, especially if you rely on Feedback for a specific slide in a Storyline course.

We've logged this as a bug with our team to investigate the snag further. I've added your comments to our report, and we'll update you when our team releases a fix. 

I'm sorry this is affecting your workflow!