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Hi everyone,

I am using SL 360 for creating courses. Sometimes I work collaberitively with my team members on those courses. But always that team member which is publishing the course to the SL 360 review mode in the end is having it afterwards in his/her review library. This is most of the times very annoying...

Is there a way that the whole team can have a "shared" team library, so that every team member can change passwords and adjust other settings for every course in that "shared team library" no matter who uploaded the course?

Thanks for your help! Moritz

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Katie Riggio

Hello Moritz,

Thank you for the thoughtful post!

Improving collaboration and organization with Review 360 is on our radar. I'll share your insight with the team and let you know of any changes. Check out our process in this article: 

Let me know if there's anything else I can answer. I'm happy to help!