Can we make it that SMEs cannot edit or delete their comments once entered?

Nov 14, 2016

I noticed that the SMEs can edit or delete their comments. Can we lock it so that once the comments are entered they cannot be edited or deleted? This can cause a lot of headache For example, the developers went through the SMEs feedback, but did not realize the SMEs changed their feedback the next day (timing issues).  

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Adam Schwartz

Hey Benny - thanks for your suggestion. I understand your concern but don't know how real it is in the real world. I would find it unusual that an SME would make a comment today and then tomorrow go back to the course and change the comment in a meaningful way without notifying the author. What they'd probably do is add a new comment. 

Edit and delete are expected features of any online posting. And usually it's used for correcting typos or errant posts at the moment that they are posted. 

In fact, in the thousands of comments made on Articulate Review so far, all edits/deletes have been made within minutes of the original post. 

Benny Kurniawan

Hey Adam,

Thank you for your response. We have been using RME for courses' review. As we know that RME does not allow the reviewers to edit their comments. It did allow SMEs to add more comments. I believe your assessments. Most SMEs would not go back and change their feedback without notifying anyone. But as we all know it only takes one or two SMEs to makes things harder for everyone. I think delete is a good feature, but we are just not so sure about "Edit" feature. I would rather them delete, and start a new one. You just never know what SMEs will do. :D

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