Turn off email alerts?

Oct 04, 2017

Hi, is there anyway to turn off the email alerts with review? I'm finding that for each individual comment by my developer makes for example, I get an individual email for each one. I am starting to react to these emails and am jumping back in willy nilly - it;s all getting a bit crazy with lots of comments from me and my developer as he builds and i check.

I think it would be better to turn off the email alerts during the process - can we do that?


Cheers, Gabby

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Michael Getz

To the Articulate development team and to all the Articulate staff who have responded to this thread over what is almost five years: 

Many of us who have been monitoring this thread think it absurd that a request like this hasn't been acted on yet in all this time. When our development team decides what review tool to use with our training programs, the decision invariably comes down to whether our clients' reviewers will take issue with the barrage of notifications they will receive if they don't manually follow the instructions we send them to turn off notifications.

Is there any update you can give us on this?  

Nerina Williams

Hi Michael, thanks for bringing this thread back into discussion. We have seen some great updates to Storyline this year to help improve eLearn development. However I would have preferred to see an update preventing the mailing out of notifications to SME's and stakeholders.  Please Development Team, would you consider moving this request up the priority list? Review 360 is such a great and easy tool to use, however it has this one huge flaw :-(.