Turn off email alerts?

Hi, is there anyway to turn off the email alerts with review? I'm finding that for each individual comment by my developer makes for example, I get an individual email for each one. I am starting to react to these emails and am jumping back in willy nilly - it;s all getting a bit crazy with lots of comments from me and my developer as he builds and i check.

I think it would be better to turn off the email alerts during the process - can we do that?


Cheers, Gabby

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Andrea Bornheim

Agree with everyone on this--sadly we have stopped using Review for most projects because reviewers without an articulate ID are so angry about this. I work with all external clients (mostly large companies) and they get very upset about it. In many cases employees are not allowed to create an Articulate account (or an account with any software provider that is not vetted and approved) to be able to turn off notifications, for security reasons. But the HUGE problem: One of our major Fortune 500 clients blocked the emails as SPAM which is causing a major headache now because the articulate.com domain has been blocked--which means all of the rise courses we did for them are inaccessible to hundreds of learners right now. I have spent so many hours untangling this mess with my client's IT department that I'm considering going to the dark side (I immensely dislike Captivate, but this has been discussed on the community for 3 years and Articulate has not taken action...) 

Bret Jorgensen

Hi All - The picture you've presented here is not what we want for our product or an experience that our users should encounter. Sticking to the Collaboration & Team Management vision for Articulate 360 in 2021. I can confidently say that we will be providing more robust email notification options sometime this year. I am currently unable to share a more detailed timeline but will do so as soon as that information becomes available. 

Staff Boom University

Adding my vote here! I just got a call from my boss like "Hey, why am I getting hundreds  of your comments?"  I know she was furious. I tried turning off the notification but options available are only for instant, hourly and daily. Requesting to have an option to fully turn off the notif for all stakeholders please. 



Thomas Larsen

Also adding my voice. I don't want any emails from Review 360, ever. As a reviewer I have no need for them. The content creator will do whatever they'll do with my comment, and if they have follow-up questions we'll discuss them through a process outside Review 360. The autp-generated emails are just an unnecessary, obnoxious distraction and I want to be able to get rid of them permanently. Thanks!

Nerina Williams

Adding my vote for this as well. I recently introduced Articulate to the business and they love it, in particular Review 360. However what they don't love is the individual responses their comments. A recent project reviewed by 2 SME's included 73 comments which equates to 73 emails. For busy people who receive numerous emails everyday this just adds to their frustration. Please look into this as a priority.  Kind regards, Nerina