Review - Client email overload and team review/edit capability

Oct 05, 2018

So, my team started using Review for internal QAs, and so far we like the ease of use and conversational nature of Review. But we've encountered three roadblocks preventing us from using it for client-facing reviews:

1) Notifications from clients/SMEs will only come back to the team member who shared the link (until another team member comments).

2) Only the original publisher can republish edits to the same link (so all comments are retained).

3) Clients/SMEs have to jump through hoops of getting Articulate account and change notification settings for EACH module to avoid a flood of notifications.

The best examples I found of others encountering problems 1+2 were here:
Regarding problem 3 (near bottom):

We don't have the ability to manage the frequency of messages our clients/SMEs receive, and we would have to ask them to manage that themselves. They are simply too busy, or will forget to do it, and then the flood of messages will aggravate them, or worse, lead them to ignore / block them altogether.
We need to be able to set the notification frequency when we publish or share, so our clients using their own email automatically only get hourly or daily messages, or better yet, we can turn it off altogether, so we can send ONE email to let them know when the ball's back in their court.

Sorry for the long post....but who else is not using it with clients because of these problems?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Carl.  Thanks very much for taking the time to share your experience with us!  We want to make products that you love to use, so your insights are very helpful.

I'll add your comments to our documented feature requests for Articulate Review.  We'll be sure to update you here with any relevant changes that we make!  Thanks for being a part of 360.  ☺️

Mehkta Waney

I'd like an update on this too! So far we only tested it with one Subject Matter Expert and her inbox was flooded with email notifications (from the comments I posted). Luckily, she didn't complain and just deleted all of them altogether. But this made us nervous about having few other SMEs to review the course via Articulate Review since they're high profile people who are too busy to learn how to turn off notifications. So, having exactly what Carl proposed would be great! 

Brian Ambrose

I'm experiencing the same issue. I have 18 comments from a VP that need to be addressed, but I can't use my replies because I don't want to send a VP 18 emails in a little over an hour to address small issues. The designer should be able to mute notification for certain people. This is really problematic.

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