Accessibility in Rise

Dec 01, 2016


As mentioned on the website under FAQ for Rise "Are Rise courses compliant with accessibility guidelines?
Rise employs many modern web standards for accessibility, and additional accessibility improvements are in development."

Could you please specify in detail which of these are supported in current version:
WCAG AA, WAI-ARIA Labels, Section 508, DDA, Equality Act and Screen Reader Supports.


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Gary Morin

Ashley, I think that Kristie's point is well taken.  It would demonstrate both a corporate commitment and evidence of an organized, and intentional plan to bring Rise into conformance with WCAG 2.0 (or some other accessibility) standards.

Is it Articulate's intention and commitment to bring Rise to a level of accessibility that is auditable and measurable, as well as compatible with a useful range of assistive technology, or not?  Or, is Articulate simply picking and choosing which features to make accessible randomly?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary,

Absolutely and so you'll be happy to know we're working on documenting WCAG AA compliance and developing a VPAT! We'll also continue rolling out additional accessibility features as they're available. 

The accessibility features are an extensive effort which requires thorough testing so an ETA on these features is still in flux, but once we can share more, I promise that we will. 🙂

Paul Desmarais

The accessibility issues are a big deal, especially with regards to media. Image descriptions, titles, and alt text are really go/no go when we decide what platform to use for e-learning development. I have three projects right now that would be perfect for Rise, but I'm probably going to have to go in a different direction absent more concrete guidance.


Steve Flowers


Hi, Cheryl. The developer console is really handy when testing your stuff. It lets you see under the hood in context of a particular element. In this case, I right clicked the image in a published Rise output and selected "Inspect" in Chrome. Even if you're not a developer (coder) this is a really helpful way to see what's happening and the console view in the developer window can help you troubleshoot issues. 

That screenshot was included to illustrate that Rise does include Alt tags. Here's how you add them:

1. Insert your image using the (+) button in your Rise lesson. Then pick the image type and insert. Close the drawer if it doesn't close on its own. 

2. Pick your image and select Edit.


3. Once the edit dialog opens, make sure the Content tab is selected then select the Edit link to the right of the image thumbnail. It's the same place where you replace the image. Third link in that menu enables editing the alt tag.



Cheryl Hoover

I'm so embarrassed! I've replaced images before, but that clearly was before you added Edit alt tag. I was walking right past this by clicking on Settings. Thanks ever so much!

I can do little things in html like change colors, for example, but it's been years since I've done anything of any depth. I'd love to get more practice, so maybe this is a good way to do that.

Thanks so much, Steve, and my apologies for being so myopic!

Steve Flowers

:) It's easy to miss. 

Developer / inspect views are really cool ways to play with your layouts too. Any changes you make in the code or styles temporarily affect your layout. They will be gone as soon as you reload but if you want a quick way to play with things and see what happens, it's a fun and safe way to dig in.

Robert Craig

*reposting - as site crashed*

As we are 23 days out from the end of Q4 2017 (which was the last promise of when accessibility features would be available), is there an update about when Rise will have these new features?

It has been a year since the original ask, and a number of promises have been made to indicate that these features will be coming "very soon".

I appreciate how difficult it can be to rapidly develop these tools, at the same time, it is frustrating that accessibility seems to be a "feature" consideration, versus an integration of the tool from the start.

Is Articulate willing to make a commitment to accessibility in their tool development?  Would articulate be willing to post a full mapping of their products and elements to show what is, and what is not accessible - and when accessibility will be available?

Coming from an organization that has tried hard to ensure accessibility options for clients, it is frustrating to have to use a separate tool (word) to support accessibility with Rise.

Ruth Canton

Adding myself to this thread to hear updates. Excited to see my RISE resources work with JAWS. It looks .... wait no, feels like it's getting there.

A couple of biggies (well, from my perspective) 

* Only visual users can use the enter password screen.

* Embedded Storylines work great but the tab key gets stuck inside them and can't progress down the page.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert, Ruth, Michael, Keri and Melissa! 

Our team is continuing the work on accessibility updates and the necessary documentation as we speak. Although I don't have a new target to offer for the release, we're still looking at the end of this year for our next accessibility update (keyboard navigation). 

Some things we've already implemented:

  • can improve accessibility for learners with screen readers by adding alternate text to images 
  • we changed the text contrast which darkened/lightened some colors in the UI to create stronger contrast (this is not author controlled) 
  • we’ve verified that Rise text can safely zoom to 200% without breaking the design, a key accessibility need

Please keep the feedback, ideas and accessibility needs coming! It's all valuable for our team as they continue to plan out the next features and updates.