Adding Alt Text to Images in Rise 360

Mar 20, 2023


I am creating a course in Rise 360. To make it accessible, I think I need to add Alt Text to assist in this. However,  is adding the alt text enough or should there be a description below the image as well? Can anyone help?

Many Thanks

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Nicole Edwards

Good morning. I would like to add to the discussion. I have an eLearning course with an image containing additional content, an example is shown in the attachment. A screen reader cannot read the text on the image. I understand the idea of creating a short alt-text description of the image but it doesn't tell what is on the image. I was reading on the UPenn website that you can add a long description addition to alt text to describe complex images. Is this feature available in Storyline?

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Nicole! You can add Alt Text in Storyline, but it is limited to 150 characters. I would suggest adding a text description as part of the main content. You can position it below the image to describe the complex image further.

Here are some helpful links: 


Chris Bobrick

There is a discussion in another thread

that is almost 10 years old. It says Storyline alt text has been tested and shown to work with more than 50,000 characters. But does anyone know if there is a different character limit for Rise? 


Angelo Cruz

Hi Chris! I understand you wanted to know if there's a character limit for Rise 360's alt text.

Like what Leslie mentioned on the forum post you shared, there isn't official documentation indicating a hard or imposed limit for the characters you can use for an alternative text. I tested this from my end and Rise was able to retain over 50,000 characters. Here's a quick screen recording for reference.

With that said, we do recommend here in our Best Practices for Writing Alt Text to use no more than 150 characters to describe an object. This is because users can't pause screen readers when reading an alt text. If users missed any part of it, they'll need to listen to it all over again.

I hope this helps!