Adding collaborators to multiple courses in bulk

Jun 12, 2020

I'm trying to find an easy way to share with mutliple collaborators at the same time rather than having to enter each course and change settings one by one.


Is there any way to set a default so that any new courses made automatically have all members listed as collaborators?

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Christopher Santos

Hi everyone!

We are excited to share that we have released Rise 360 Team Folders! You can now create shared team folders in Rise 360 to organize your content and share content with collaborators even faster. We know this has been a popular feature request and we can't wait for you to finally check it out!

Your Rise 360 dashboard will look a little different, but don't worry. You can find all of your content, personal and shared, in the My View section. If you run into any snags or have additional questions about Rise 360 Team Folders, our team is available in this discussion or in a support case.

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Sandler Training ®

It would be great if you added this to your product roadmap. We work with a lot of outside sources, and having the ability to quickly add a collaborator to multiple courses would be a great feature. Also the ability to add courses to another sub folder for language variants would also be an amazing feature to add to an already great platform. 

Michelle Hair

Agreeing with the feedback of making it easier to enter multiple collaborators / managers to a course or series of courses in rise. Without the ability to save a source file, our team manually adds all developers for maintenance and availability. It would also be great to have a recall of those you've already entered or a group you can select with those members included. 

Michael Steckman
  • And +1 more, with a slight modification and additional specification in my case. I can definitely see the value in being able to "mass-add " multiple collaborators for multiple courses and/or set Collaborator vs Course Manager rights in one place.
  • It would also be useful to have some option to choose whether you do/don't want Collaborator/Course Manager rights (as well as Author Hidden/not or other such "global" settings) to carry over (if you wish) when you Duplicate a course. Every time I do so (which is often), I lose those settings and it's hard (esp. during review cycles/facing deadlines) to remember to redo all such settings/access.
  • I'm huge on versioning of courses, especially since it's really easy to accidentally "blow away" courses/lessons/blocks in Rise -- and if you don't realize in a few seconds that you need to click "UNDO" because your mouse accidentally grazed the wrong icon, it's virtually impossible to recover that content. The price of such back-up precautions, however, is that I'm constantly needing to again hide the author at the course's main screen and reassign collaborators under "SHARE."
  • Like the above user, I'm also going to seek out and add this to Rise's wish list, thanks.
Joyce Cheng

+1 to this... I have over 80 courses in my account with a new staff member jumping on board to do some edits to each course. I will have to manually add them as a collaborator to each one. Very painful. Also it would be helpful if you could bulk move courses into folders. This would also be a very handy feature.

Gareth Davies

+1 also. The amount of productivity being lost here to this very menial administrative task that other systems seem to be able to manage with a semi-colon between email addresses strikes me as something that Articulate should be getting sorted if they want to hold onto the custom of larger e-learning development organisations. 

Kassie Pidd

I have submitted countless requests for this feature to be added. We currently have 11 seats in our 'team' and over 800 individual courses, created by different people. Any time we have a new staff member start, we physically have to go into every individual course, click on settings, click on collaborators and individually add in their emails. I'm not sure why there is a 'team' function if you can't bulk add new team members. It should be noted that the last time we had to add new team members, the process took 8+ hours.