Always allow access to one section in restricted Rise course?

Nov 12, 2021

Hi all,

Is it possible to keep one section always available in a restricted Rise course? This is a glossary/references block at the end of the course that needs to be accessible throughout.

Thanks for thoughts/suggestions to make this happen!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jennifer. If the navigation is restricted, there isn't a way to keep the final lesson available to folks who haven't experienced the rest of the course. 

Some alternative ideas:

  • add this lesson to the beginning of the course and use an accordion block to present the content so it doesn't require a lot of scrolling to "complete" the lesson
  • attach the glossary early in the course as a resource they can open outside the course, like a PDF
Jennifer Clarke

Thanks for the response, Crystal. These annexes are quite extensive - bibliography, glossary, image information, etc., and would be awkward to have at the beginning of a course. It would be good to have, as @KarlMuller responded, a resources area or block that can be separate from any course content.