Rise 360 course in LMS not resuming at quiz after failed attempt

Oct 31, 2019

Hi all,

One of my learners is reporting that, having failed to meet the passmark for a summary quiz in Rise, s/he logged out of the LMS. On logging back in the next day, s/he was directed to the start of the course rather than to the quiz section. (We have restricted navigation, so there's no way for learners to skip to the quiz if this happens.)

Has anyone else experienced something similar? (I wonder whether the issue is that Rise can't resume from a results slide: perhaps learners should hit "retry quiz" before exiting the course?)

With thanks, Paula

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Paula! I have a couple of questions to help me answer you better:

  • Is there additional content after the quiz?
  • What tracking and reporting options did you choose when exporting this course for LMS? E.g. tracking this quiz, reporting passed/failed

Most LMSs consider a course to be in review mode after meeting the tracking requirement. It may not allow you to resume a "completed" course. This would mean that any new launch of the course is a new attempt from the beginning.

Let me know what you think!

Paula Warrington

Hi Crystal, Thank you for responding!

No, there's nothing in the course after the summary quiz.

For the export to SCORM, we would have chosen 'Track using quiz result' and 'Reporting - Passed/Failed'.

I think you're right about the review mode: I've just deliberately failed the quiz, hit "retry", and then exited the course from the first page of the quiz: when I went back into the LMS, I was shown the history of my attempts and then taken back to the start of the course.

Is there anything we can do to avoid forcing learners to go through the whole thing again (beyond telling them to re-take the quiz BEFORE exiting the course, I guess!)?

With thanks, Paula


Paula Warrington

Thank you, Crystal!  Changing the setting to passed/incomplete does seem to have done the trick: now when I fail the quiz and exit the course, I'm redirected back to the start of the quiz (rather than the start of the course). This should make my learners very happy!

One caveat for anyone else following this discussion: the newly uploaded version does not behave as expected when I am logged into the LMS as an instructor; I had to enrol a 'student' test account onto the course in order to test the new setting.

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