Articulate 360 - Teams vs Individual License

Jun 10, 2020

I'm on an ID team with 3 IDs. We are using 2 different versions of Articulate 360. IT gave me the Teams version and the other 2 do not have it. To add complexity, I use my own licence – mostly because my company laptop does not have all the software I require.

 So the question is, when we’re all working on individually licensed versions, how do we make sure that the courses we develop reside in the same place? For example, if I leave this company, my courses I developed go with me. Right now, 1 of us is on medical leave all summer and we can’t access their courses. 

What is the solution? Do we all need to be using the Teams version under one team license?

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Karl Muller

Hi Cindy,

While working on individually licensed versions, you cannot have all the courses that you develop reside in the same place.

In order for your team to be collaborators for your entire course library, you all need to have a Teams licence. 

All courses for which you are the Course Owner, Course Manager or Collaborator will then show up on your Course Dashboard.

The only option you currently have with individual licences is to email a copy of a course to someone else. That will create the problem of having multiple versions of the same course.

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