Articulate Rise - Connection loss undetected - API Object - scormdriver.js

May 07, 2021

I’m looking for better understanding about the SCORM API object found in Articulate Rise’s javascript files. Specifically in the scormdriver.js file. It is understood that all scorm compliant online learning must initialize with the LMS host. Once the initialization is successful, it is understood we are able to set/get cmi elements and commit those to the LMS. However, when connection to the LMS is lost, one would expect the set/gets to fail. Unfortunately, all api calls in Rise still return successful even when connection loss is presented. The scormdriver.js file continuously calls the SCORM2004_GrabAPI function, my assumption is this is Rise’s attempt to determine if the connection to the LMS persists. However, this function continuously returns a successfully found API even when connection is disabled. Because the API is found successfully, Rise continues to allow sets/gets/commits. But because there is no connection, none of the sets/commits are truly successfully sent to the LMS database. This is especially an issue when all content has preloaded before connection loss, which allows the user to interact with all of the online learning content without notification of the connection loss. I’ve attempted to resolve the issue by adding a setInterval call in scormdriver.js to see if the api is present or not… but it always returns true.

Please provide any insight or guidance on if Rise should be detecting connection loss to the LMS and if so, what should we be seeing in the debug logs when connection loss is detected.

SumTotal Learning Management System

SCORM 2004 3rd edition

Brad Smith
Southwest Airlines
L&D Manager

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