Assessment causes Rise to become unresponsive in LMS

Jan 30, 2023

This happens on several different LMSs. A normal assessment becomes  unresponsive in the LMS during a test. Everything else works great except when you take the test. The first question you encounter (in a 10 question test) freezes the browser. You have to wait many minutes before it allows you to move to the next question, where it freezes again. It runs great when published as a web-based course but NOT when published as a SCORM 2004 ver 3 course on multiple LMSs. Help!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Will! Thanks so much for bringing this up and for including that screenshot. I definitely wouldn't expect a Rise 360 course to become unresponsive when you reach a quiz lesson. We'd love to test your SCORM file in SCORM Cloud, an LMS testing environment, to see if we run into the same issue. 

If you don't mind sharing that published output file with our team, please open a case here. We'll be standing by!