Audio for Rise Quiz Questions?

I'm looking to add narration to rise quiz questions, can this not be done? When I click add media, it only allows for pictures or videos. This seems really strange, because Video also contains audio... So do I need to upload a video with just my audio in order for this to work? Not sure how this makes sense or was missed, but maybe i'm mistaken.

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Jumbuzz Buzz

I'm trying Rise for language instruction design. Audio in questions is an indispensible asset in language assessment. Also I believe Rise needs more serious planning on adding various question types such as interactive image to text matching. Also duplicating an existing question within a quiz must be a standard feature very soon. I know these are different issues but I hope you guys take into account this feedback from a trial version user. It costs a lot but it's really beautifully designed. I wish commonly used language assessment features weren't missing.

Karyn Murray

I need to add images and audio to questions to help some of our learners who struggle with reading, to aid accessibility. Is there a way to add audio even if it's a workaround? If not, could you please give an update as to whether/when this will be implemented? I can see quite a few other people have also requested this.