Audio for Rise Quiz Questions?

Sep 24, 2020

I'm looking to add narration to rise quiz questions, can this not be done? When I click add media, it only allows for pictures or videos. This seems really strange, because Video also contains audio... So do I need to upload a video with just my audio in order for this to work? Not sure how this makes sense or was missed, but maybe i'm mistaken.

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Jumbuzz Buzz

I'm trying Rise for language instruction design. Audio in questions is an indispensible asset in language assessment. Also I believe Rise needs more serious planning on adding various question types such as interactive image to text matching. Also duplicating an existing question within a quiz must be a standard feature very soon. I know these are different issues but I hope you guys take into account this feedback from a trial version user. It costs a lot but it's really beautifully designed. I wish commonly used language assessment features weren't missing.

Karyn Murray

I need to add images and audio to questions to help some of our learners who struggle with reading, to aid accessibility. Is there a way to add audio even if it's a workaround? If not, could you please give an update as to whether/when this will be implemented? I can see quite a few other people have also requested this.

Christopher Santos

Hi Edward,

You can find a list of new features we are working on for Rise 360 here.

Regarding the audio, you can try using the media button on the quiz to embed audio as a workaround (shown below):

embedYou'll need somewhere to host the audio.  For the embed code, the syntax should be:

<iframe src="enter audio URL here"></iframe>

Here's a screenshot of how this will look like:



Lea Agato

Hi Tonie,

While adding video and images to your Rise quiz is possible, there isn't an option to upload audio. We're tracking requests for this feature, so I've added you to the list.

You mentioned you were able to add audio above each question previously. Do you have a screenshot where you were able to add an audio file to your quiz? This will help me better understand how you're using your audio files. Thanks!

Christopher Santos

Hi Tonie,

Our Knowledge Check blocks offer the same options as our Quiz blocks for adding media or embedding web content.

If it's not possible for you to provide a screenshot as requested by Lea, we recommend sharing an exported SCORM or Web package that can demonstrate the audio in the Quiz or Knowledge Check block.

If you prefer to share this privately, kindly open a ticket with our support team and attach the relevant course. We will investigate the issue as soon as possible and will delete the course package after the investigation.