Can I store settings for videos? (this could also be a Rise 360 question)

Feb 23, 2023


I received an interesting comment from one of my reviewers. I published a Rise 360 course in Review 360 that is comprised of short video clips followed by text/image sections supplementing what was covered in the video. The reviewer was wondering if it's possible somehow to store settings he made on one player (for example, playback speed, size, captions on/off, etc.) and have them applied globally throughout the rest of the course/review? That way, he would not need to keep making these adjustments each time he encounters a new video. I don't think there is a way to do this, but figured I would ask the community.



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Lea Agato

Hi John, I understand you're looking for a way to select a default setting for videos in Rise.

When a video is played in your course, Rise selects the last playback speed used as the default video playback speed. 

For closed captions, there isn't a way to select a default for this setting since the closed captions available for each video may vary.

As for the size, this is selected by the author during edit mode, so this isn't changed during playback.

I hope this helps!