Can you share working Rise file with other developer?

Jan 31, 2017

hi, my colleague and i are working on the same project, therefore we are working together in building the Rise modules - i am working on content development, and she is working on the assessment questions.

Can we actually share the working file?


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Steve Bunce

With Rise being a cloud-based platform, it would be essential to have team collaboration. I would also argue the need for a broader collaborative option for use within the Articulate community.  We have a great need for this feature...yesterday. You all are doing GREAT, VERY excited for this specific feature to be roll out. Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Soon you'll be able to send a copy of your Rise course to another user (so you'd each have separate copies) and we're working on a feature for 360 Teams accounts where you could collaborate on the same Rise course together. 

So lots of good stuff coming your way in Rise soon! You can always check the Rise Version history and Release notes to see what was released recently. 

Ashley Schwartau

I have some questions about the Teams aspect of using Rise. We still haven't built anything in Rise because it's been kind of limited, and we're still waiting for some functionality that would make doing translations in Rise courses simpler, but as I'm brainstorming projects we could do, I have a few logistical questions :)

1. Will there be a way in the future to work on a course that doesn't have to be 'shared' but that is just in the Teams dashboard area? (Right now, the way it works reminds me of using My Drive in Google, where files are owned by individuals, vs. using the Team Drives option, where files are owned by the company/team and admin.) It seems that it would be more efficient and logical to have a true shared workspace instead where we can all login and see everything, instead of having to share each thing with one another. No? 

2. Right now, it seems the best way to collaborate will be to literally share every single file with every single team member. (A bit cumbersome but doable.) So how would you handle it if a team member has to leave for some reason? Let's say we have a team of 5 people. And Person 1 creates and shares a course with everyone else. A year later, Person 1 leaves the company. When we replace that person in the Team dashboard with the new hire, what happens to the file that they owned/created?

3. For anyone who works for a company that creates off-the-shelf elearning or elearning that gets delivered to clients (i.e. NOT delivering elearning internally at your own company), can you share some example use-cases of how you've best utilized Rise, and the Teams collaboration efforts?

Thank you!!!! 



Crystal Horn

Hey Ashley.  Let me see if I can give you some direction!

1.  Currently, courses are shared at the author's discretion.  We've heard feature requests for administrator access to team members' content, but it sounds like you're thinking of allowing everyone on the team to access a repository of Rise courses.  We don't have that on the roadmap at this point, but feel free to elaborate here about your needs!

2.  Check out this FAQ on what happens to a team member's content when they leave.  The best bet is for them to transfer ownership of their Rise course to another person before they are removed from the team.

3.  I'll leave it to our expert users out there!  😁

Ambre Quinn

I second Ashley -- the issue is that there's a lot of manual maintenance when employees leave. We've had a few people leave before we knew their files weren't accessible and hadn't been manually shared. 

A team account / dashboard in Rise would be ideal. Think AdobeStock license account. All our files are there, and stay there. We just log in to view the dashboard.

As a side note, is there any way to have Articulate support help us recover the files that didn't get shared over the past year or so when we hadn't figured this out?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ambre. Thanks for the questions!

We've made some updates to what happens when a user leaves your team. The admin must choose to either transfer the content to someone else (it can be themselves), or to leave the content with that user's Articulate ID. If they are added to another team with the same email, their content will still be with them.

And please reach out to our team by clicking here! We'll see how we can help.