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Jun 02, 2020

Hello there Articulate

I am receiving a lot of feedback from people who are not able to successfully complete some of the courses we made in RISE. So they get to the end but then see a message that they cannot complete the training. This regards courses created in Rise and published in our LMS (Successfactors).   

I am trying to read old discussions to research this problem.  I see that you have a number of documents that may help me, but when I click on the links to open the documents, I just get an error message and cannot access them.  

Please could you help me with the error?  I have attached a printscreen to show what I can see.

Perhaps you could also share the documents with me?  I am interested in 

* Systems requirement sheet

* How to troubleshoot your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Anything else you think may help with my investigation into why the courses can not always be completed.

Many thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Jo! I'm sorry you're having some trouble. Let me provide the links to those articles again here:

If clicking those links doesn't work, please copy and paste them directly into your browser. If you're using Chrome, test them in an incognito window.

Let me know how that works for you.

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