Embedding Local Content on a Intranet site?


Is it possible to embed Storyline 360 (try interactions) that are hosted locally and only accessible on an intranet?  I have tried the URL/EMBED and I am receiving the following error "Please enter a valid URL or iframe or make it public"

Does Rise support local content to be embedded that is on an intranet site, or does it have to be hosted on a 3rd party site or something accessible from outside of the intranet?

I plan to download the project and store it on the intranet site so the content would be accessible to internal participants only. 

I appreciate your help.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gerry, 

Rise is verifying the URL when you use the URL/Embed option. If Rise can't see the URL (because it's only accessible from a private network) it's not able to verify it and won't embed it. 

What you're describing sounds like a neat idea though - so you're always welcome to submit the Feature request here in addition to sharing here in ELH. Thanks! 

Camilla Smith


My brilliant colleague and I have devised this and it works perfectly.

To create intranet links in Rise:

  1. Make a separate Storyline project. Don't make a slide as it won't work (haven't tested it with a scene though.)
  2. Then in the slide, add your intranet hyperlink.
  3. Ensure the window opens to a New Window (not to open inside Rise or it won't work).
  4. Add it as a Storyline block in Rise.

Amazing. So happy we now can use Rise to host our company's intranet links.


Allison LaMotte

Hi Christophe,

There are two ways you can upvote a feature request:

1. You can leave a +1 comment here. This will also automatically subscribe you to this discussion thread where we will share updates on the feature request.

2. You can submit a feature request on your own. Our team does monitor the volume of feedback we receive.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else!

Allison LaMotte

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for that additional context, that's super helpful. Have you tried linking to your internal content via a hyperlink or button instead of the embed block? I would think that would work. If you haven't tried that out, I would definitely do that! It could be a good solution in the meantime.

Also, just thought I'd point out that when you respond directly from your email, your signature is appended to the message. You may want to pop in there and edit out any personal information that you don't want to share with the community.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. :)

Mr C


My +1 is included

It seems crazy that some posts are going over two years with "+1" and responses from staff of " noted and thanks"

As a what if - is there a list of features that the development team are working on?

Then with that list could we, the community and users, see and even vote on features that are on the list?

This would give the developers an idea from the 360 users about what changes are important to us?

Just a suggestion 


Crystal Horn

Thank you, Mr. C. While we don't have a public-facing roadmap or voting system, we document and track requests for features internally. That includes everyone who posts in these discussions and submits the feature request form. We read every one and use your perspectives to help us prioritize the most requested features!

We will update these discussions as we make changes or are confident about a release timeline. Thank you again for sharing your voice!