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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sarah!

The image in the Tabs block is left-aligned by default, but keep in mind the extra white space to the right of the image will vary depending on the device you're viewing the course on. To test it, click Preview, then select Mobile Portrait.


It sounds like you would like to see more options for customizing the alignment. I can definitely pass that idea along to the product team! Thanks for reaching out. 😀

Sarah Casper

Thanks for the response, Alyssa! A few other things that I found really limiting with text blocks in Rise is the ability to format. For instance, I'm unable to hit 'Tab' to indent text and have to use the Space Bar to move text to the center of a block. This causes alignment issues when the content is viewed across multiple devices. 

Also, it would be great if there was a way to make text columns as well. I improvised here in this example (image attached) but it looks terrible in mobile landscape view.

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Sarah. That's really helpful feedback. Like you mentioned, the responsive nature of Rise will cause objects on the screen to resize and flow to fit the device screen, and text that is manually-aligned won't look the same across all devices.

I'll be sure to share your ideas (along with your handy screenshots!) with my team. ☺️

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Christopher for reaching out here. It's a similar sentiment shared by a few other users, so we're tracking all those comments and feature requests submitted here and we'll let you know if it makes our roadmap!

Hope you're loving Rise - and let us know what else you'd like to see!

Crystal Horn

Thanks, Benjamin, for sharing your experience.  Your imagery is fantastic -- it really puts some context around how hard you're working to get your course looking its best.  I've added your comments to our documentation for this feature request.

We'll update this discussion with any changes to image formatting in Rise!

zoe bristow

Hi Is there any update with centre aligning images in tabs please? I totally understand about the white space and it will adjust according to the device but this would ensure it would centre on a desktop too. I have some learners who won't use mobile devices so this would be quite handy. I have attached a screenshot of an example. Your help would be appreciated thanks :)

Wendy VanAlstine

I'll add my voice to that vote.  Guidelines for images dimensions, file size, best types, etc would be very helpful to set expectations as we're identifying what images will work or not.  I'm trying to figure out the sample block picture with the paraglider fits across the entire length of the block and my pictures won't.  Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Wendy,

Images with dimensions of 16:9 work best in a Rise Tabs block. If your image doesn't look centered, you can use PowerPoint to add white space on both sides of the image to make it appear centered within the tab. Here's how:

  • Open PowerPoint.
  • Set the slide size to 16:9.
  • Insert the image on the PowerPoint slide. Scale up the image until it fills the height of the slide.
  • Align the image to the center of the slide.
  • Save the PPT file as a PNG image.
  • Insert the PNG image in the Rise Tabs block.

And in case you're a visual learner like me, here's a video of those steps in action!

Bhavesh Kapadia


I have uploaded one png image at the end of the course, but its not visible in preview and publish course.

I have kept zoom button, so once you move the mouse at the end, you can see zoom icon, please click on that and you will be able to see the actual image.

please solve the problem, why I cant see my .png image here

I have attached.png file also

Note: after this image, if i add any other object than I am able to see the earlier image.