Certificate Option in RISE

Aug 06, 2017

I've seen quite a few references in the Discussions area to a certificate of completion/completion ceremony being on a planned list of additions to RISE.

At the current time, is there a more exact timeframe as to the status of this/when this should be available? And, would this work with both web only and LMS exports?

Thank you so much!


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Fred Good

I created this, which has sufficed for many of my projects. It's highly editable, too, so feel free to copy/modify/use if it works for you. :) Cheers!

*Added a version where the course title is editable

Of course, this doesn't affect printer settings, so it might be wise to include a message that says something to the effect of, "Check your printer settings and preview the page before you print"... or something? Anyway, this helped solve a lot of headaches in my world! :)

I know there is much improvement that could be done here, I just haven't had the time to go back and work on it. 

 *Annnd today I realized I posted this in the "RISE360" thread, instead of the "Storyline360" thread. UGH! My bad. So embarrassing. Sorry, folks!

**Had another thought this morning... You might be able to import these Storyline360 slides into your Rise360 project, like you can an interaction? That might be a way around it? Just a thought. Haven't tested it.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Kimberly!

Thanks for checking in! This feature hasn't made it on our roadmap yet as the team is currently prioritizing other features for Rise 360. I have added your vote to our feature request report to reflect the number of customers looking to include a customizable certificate in their Rise 360 course.

If it does make it on the roadmap, I'll update this discussion.