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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Norman. Was your client's Storyline project already in a Rise 360 course? When you export a Rise 360 course for web or LMS, the Storyline assets are included in the packaged output. 

While we can't provide support for modified published output, it sounds like you needed to make changes to the Storyline assets in the Rise export and then save them. There isn't a way to manually add Storyline output back into a Rise 360 course. Any changes you make in the output files would need to be saved in the output files.

I hope that helps answer your question!

Norman Lamont

Thanks everyone. I found the difference between what had worked in Storyline and what works in Rise.  In Storyline we'd uploaded the certificate.html file and the PDFmake files to Articulate Online.  In Rise, as per Emiliano's instructions, I referenced the PDFmake files on Cloudflare in the header of certificate.html. So there was only one file for the Storyline module to reference. Then recreated the web object. Uploaded to 360 Review then imported into the Rise module and it all works. 


Norman Lamont

Since there are so many people asking for a step by step, I'd like to offer the instructions for what I did for my client.  But first please accept this disclaimer:

I'm not an expert in Storyline, Rise or anything, in fact I retired a couple of years ago. Last week my client, for whom I'd long ago created a PDF certificate in Storyline, hosted in Articulate Online, asked me if I could adapt it for Rise. Using Emiliano's instruction in this thread I was able to do so. I was  surprised and delighted that it worked. But I can see why people would want a simple step by step. I'm sure when Phil Mayor does it, it'll be better than this, but if it helps until there's a 'native' Rise certificate, I'm happy to offer it. But I'm not offering any support or followup. There are people on this forum far better equipped to do that.  I'm going back to my books and guitar! If Crystal or any Articulate Support people find anything wrong with my solution feel free to remove it.

So here you have:

a) a Word doc explaining the process
b) a Storyline quiz with the certificate-printing mechanism, similar to what was shown on this thread
c) a certificate in HTML with some dummy images

I had a lot of help from people on the Articulate forum when I was an elearning person, so I hope this gives something back.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mario! 

While Rise 360 doesn't have a certificates feature, check out Rise.com

It's an all-in-one online training system that includes the same course authoring as Rise 360, plus a place to track, manage, and analyze your training. It even includes certificates of completion!

Have a look around, and if you have any questions about it, you can reach the Rise team at sales@rise.com.

Jeff Forrer

Hey Phil, this all looks great and your example of the SL block collecting the username and saving to a PDF is what I need, however I think I am missing something, looking for some pointers here please.

I have tried all of the suggestions here in this forum and tried each suggestion here but can't get the PDF to download.  If I can get it to work, I will assist by posting updated steps here for others.

Here are the latest steps of what I have tried:

  1. Took SL file (that Eliliano/Kyle posted with your JS in it) that on click of button executes and published to Review.
  2. Added that SL Review piece to a block in Rise.
  3. Published Rise to SCORM package.
  4. Opened the html file for the SL block added, and put in the two lines in the head for and put in the script for links to cloudflare as suggested.
  5. Repackaged the zip and posted in SCORMCloud.
  6. Tested however PDF not working.

Any pointers from my steps that I may be getting wrong?  I see others have used a webobject, and I tried that as well.  I am unclear if using that is part of the solution instead?

Thanks much for any help, I have tried all of the suggestions, just must be missing something.

Jeff Forrer

Thanks Phil.  I reached out to him yesterday and he responded today which I am appreciative of. 

His solution was a little different, it does not use the webobject.

He found the issue with his solution and it was with the JS, it was calling window.parent.GetPlayer(), but that wasn't working anymore, so he changed it to window.GetPlayer(), and now that solution works, which is awesome and this will work for what I need.

However, I am still curious on getting your webobject solution working as well.  I see Norman used a certificate.html and webobject solution, I had tried that but no luck.  I will update on my findings if I can get that solution to work.

Once I get the non-web object solution completed, I will update instructions here for others.  Thanks.

Joshua Cooper Darlington

Hi Phil, your certificate looks great!  It looks like you might be using a multiple fonts on your certificate design. I'm trying to do something similar by using custom fonts for branding. But unfortunately, I hit a wall when I try to apply the font to a block of text. Did you run into any conflicts or bumps when using multiple fonts? Do you have any advice on how you resolved the problem? Are you able to provide a working example snippet? Maybe there is some subtle formatting gotcha Im missing. 

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Autumn, generating Course Certificates isn't available in Rise 360, but we'll make sure to update this thread once we have made changes that can help.

As a workaround, other users choose to add a certificate by using Google Forms or Google Slides, or even use Storyline. Please check out these creative ideas to add a Course Certificate:

Using Google Slides or Forms
Using Storyline to Generate a Course Certificate 

Dane Williams

I'm posting to this conversation because it appears to have the most traffic on the topic of certificates in Rise 360. I have found a solution for providing certificates of completion in Rise with the use of external content embedded using the Embed block under Multimedia in the All Blocks menu. In addition to having a printable certificate, I need a way to prevent students from reusing the certificate for a second student without the second student taking the quiz. This solution requires some basic coding knowledge and a hosting environment for the embedded content.

I have all the information and examples on my site at https://www.ddanewilliams.com/web/rise/index.html. Feel free to ask any questions on this solution - I'm glad to help in any way possible.