Changing Font on course title and lesson title

Feb 21, 2019

I can't seem to find a way to change the font, color in particular, on the Course Title and Lesson Title. Is there a way to change them?


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Pearson  Clinical

Hi Renz, Alyssa, Christel, Allyson, Rosemary and all other staff members involved,

Could you please tell me what the status is on these requests to be able to change the colour and font on the title page? As you can see in my attachment, the title is hardly eligible. 

Karyn Murray

Hi, I would also like to be able to change the title colour- seems a basic thing. Could this be put on the roadmap?

Also, I have manually changed the font colour throughout as we have had requests to make it more dyselxia friendly so I am using a dark blue on a pale cream background but...there doesn't seem to be a way to change the colour of the bullet points so I am ending up with black bullet points and dark blue text which doesn't look great. Any suggestions?


Mary Gregg

I just requested a custom photo from my marketing team with a white background and a custom branded character and realize that I won't be able to do this since the Font has to be white.  Our branded character is dark and must be on a white background.    

It is disappointing that this hasn't been responded to in over a year.  

Kevin Mahaney

Mary, it's extremely frustrating. We've created a workaround for our situation by just adding a blue (company color) box to the image where the title text, etc would reside... and then using the rest of the image space for the white background, company logo/mascot, etc. The problem being that depending on how many characters the title text has, you have to accommodate by resizing  the box in the image. And even then, when viewing Rise courses on other devices, everything I've stated above gets thrown out the window. We just tell ourselves everyone is using a desktop/laptop and shove our heads in the sand. Lol. It's far from ideal, but just trying to work with what we have. :(

Kevin Mahaney

Mary, is it just in a particular area of the image or the entire image? You can now select down to 0% on the Text Contrast. That will make sure the image is at it's full brightness and original color. Try that and see if it fixes your problem.

(this option is in Settings under Theme > Cover Photo)

Karen Parker-Peters

I just submitted a feature request to be able to change the course title font color. Our company is in the process of making all our training accessible, and for a company like Articulate who is actively working on making all interactions in Rise accessible, this seems like a pretty basic feature to update.

Trifoia 2

One important thing to note with the Course Title always being white, is that this fails WCAG and ADA requirements for color contrast. Over half of the default banner accent colors fail this requirement when using a white font. 

At the very least, allowing a black font would bring you into ADA compliance.