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Peet Grunert

After some searching for a way to change more that one block at a time I got to this post. Sadly there seems no change after over 2 years of discussions as many others have pointed out as well. 

As much as I support adding a variety of global settings on the layout, my need is slightly different in that I like to change a selection of blocks at the same time. Obviously selecting "all" would achieve a global change. 

Background for my request, coming from PPT I used slide background colour to identify a slide development status for reviewers so they can concentrate on slides coloured for review only. I know Rise has a review function, but, unless I'm missing something, that does not relate to a specific block so is quite useless as a reviewer will have to look at all blocks or other means needs to used to identify just what needs to be reviewed/approved. 

Being able to select a number and/or range of blocks (similar to creating a template) and then change the settings for those would really help.

Rhonda Maus

Checking in to ask if this has been changed. Did you know that a pure white background is specifically not recommended by some of the leading 508 and web design experts? It would be so great to have the option to change the entire background to something less harsh, especially for learning assets where students may be staring at it for hours/days.

I know someone mentioned above that we do have the option to put words on colored BG in PowerPoint and export as an image. The challenge there is it isn't 508 compliant for screen readers so we'd have to put all of the text in alt text.


Christopher Kelly

I would love the ability to modify the overall background of a Rise course to a faint tessellating pattern.  And I'd love to be able to edit any templated patterns Articulate might provide.  Something like sports or education or travel icons in a spaced, subtle, professional tessellation that I can control the 'zoom level; of on a project basis (not by block) would be amazing,  Maybe even change this background on a section by section basis.

Gren Foronda

Thanks for adding your voice for the Global background color feature. There isn't any update on this request, but we'll keep this thread posted for any new information!

As for using an image as a background for blocks, we're also tracking requests for this feature. I'll add you to the list and let you know of any updates that can help!

Sarah Sterner

Come on, Articulate. This is such a simple feature. 

I use Rise a ton for my work, and it's really frustrating that whenever I try to look up a common, low tech feature like this, I invariably find threads like this where people have been asking for that same feature for YEARS and it's still not a thing. Please speed up your product updates. It's painful.