Closed Captions do not appear on video after upload

Mar 01, 2021


I am creating videos in Camtasia. To successfully show in Rise, I usually download the captions in .srt, open the video in Storyline, import the .srt captions, and then export the captions in .vtt from Storyline. I then add the .vtt file to my video in Rise. This has worked for me until this last week. It shows as successfully uploading the captions to Rise, but they do not appear in the video. Help?

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Deborah Schwartz

I too am having issues with a .vtt file and adding it to a video for closed caption.  I imported the .vtt , all looked good and saved.  When re-opening to edit, the .vtt text is still there, however when going to preview, the closed caption button, which is turned on, does not appear so no closed caption with the MP4 video.  Any solutions or help is appreciated.  Thanks!


Deborah Schwartz

Hi Hazel

Thanks for your email and follow up. I sent you the storyline file using the link you provided. However it did not accept the .vtt file so attached above.

As a heads up, I've been working with Georvy Sacramento as well on this issue. Please my note in the correspondence I just sent with the file as this provides more background.

I've cc'd in Georvy so the two of you can connect as well and not duplicate efforts. Thanks for your help - much appreciated.

~ Deborah 

Lea Agato

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Linda Flynn

Hi Alyssa 

Were you able to successfully get your caption issue resolved? I'm having the same exact issue and I swear it worked fine months ago in Rise, but now I can't get any captions to appear. I've been round and round with articulate support. My case has been open for weeks and I can't seem to get a quick resolution. Any nuggets of information you have would be wonderful. 

Linda Flynn


Sara Willhite

I am having the same issue.  I have successfully added captions to one module in my training by importing the .srt file from Camtasia into StoryLine and then exporting a .vtt file and uploading that into Rise.  The captions appear to be there, but when you try to turn them on in the video, no captions appear.