Closed Captions do not appear on video after upload

Mar 01, 2021


I am creating videos in Camtasia. To successfully show in Rise, I usually download the captions in .srt, open the video in Storyline, import the .srt captions, and then export the captions in .vtt from Storyline. I then add the .vtt file to my video in Rise. This has worked for me until this last week. It shows as successfully uploading the captions to Rise, but they do not appear in the video. Help?

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Hugh Vaughan

I have the same issue with my MP4 videos, I replaced a video with a new one and now when I try and upload the same .VTT caption file it does nothing. I tried adding the default Multimedia > Video item and uploading the .VTT to that, it doesn't work. Everything worked fine a few weeks ago. I've tried Chrome and Edge browsers.

Christopher Santos

Hi Helen,

Luisa from our support team was actually the one who helped out Sara.  Luisa converted the SRT file to a VTT file.  If you haven't tried it yet, give it a shot.  You may also use YouTube to autogenerate a VTT file from your Video.  Check out the tip in this article for details on this process.

Angelo Cruz

Hi Joanna! There isn't a way to add closed captions to Storyline blocks in Rise.

If you have videos in your Storyline content, you can add the caption files in Storyline 360 itself before publishing them to Review 360 and embedding it in Rise. 

You can check out this article on how to Add Captions in Storyline 360. I hope this helps!