Closed Captions in Rise

Apr 25, 2017


Is it possible to import closed captions in Rise, or would you need to create the video with closed captions prior to importing into a module?



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David Kettle

I think the only difference between captions and audio description is if a description of the sound is included in the content. Technically they are the same solution.

It's the difference between:

00:00:38,000 --> 00:00:40,600
[explosion in the background] [shouting] Get Down!


00:00:38,000 --> 00:00:40,600
Get down

You'd still use a .srt file or whatever cc format ends up being compatible.

Barry Stoner

Hi there,

+1 for me to have closed caption added to the video player in Rise.

What I don't understand is, CCs have been part of web video players for a very long time. Easily 10+ years (think of the JW Player), so it should not be an issue for a company such as Articulate to simply add it to the player and store the VTT file with the video file. 

It seems to be a massive oversight and a let down for people such as myself who are hard of hearing. 

Thanks, Barry 

Tamara Owens

I realize this thread is years old but I cannot believe that closed captioning for a video in Rise still will not show.

Rise is a terrific tool but accessibility is not just a "nice to have"-- it's the right thing to do.  Unless I've missed something somewhere and it's already available, this is a functionality that should have been available all along.

Creating videos in Storyline is not an option for me--I am currently rehabilitating existing content and our company, wishing to be responsible creators, wants to include closed captioning. 

Universal design benefits everyone.  (Think of strollers and bicycles benefiting from sidewalk ramps created for wheelchairs).   

A great many people watch videos without sound, even without any underlying issues.  (Pretty sure it was a whopping 85% on Facebook, even a couple of years ago.)  Please tell me I'm just missing something when I can't get CC to display in Rise videos.  I'd hate to believe something so important is still missing three years after this conversation began.

Nigel Kirkby

Hi, I'm having trouble understanding the correct way to add CCs to a translated course. I duplicated the course (which didn't have CCs), exported/translated/imported XLIFF. Now I want to add a translated CC file to the videos, but there is no option to do that. I just see this:

no add button

I would have thought this was a pretty logical way of doing this, but something's eluding me. There just doesn't seem to be a way to add translated CCs to a video in a translated course.

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