Closed Captions in Rise

Apr 25, 2017


Is it possible to import closed captions in Rise, or would you need to create the video with closed captions prior to importing into a module?



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Sharon Lehman

Hi Cherry,

I'm not staff or an expert, but in the interim while the accessibility features are coming in Rise I have been hosting my videos in YouTube (as unlisted) and embedding them in the Rise. The CC's are handled in YouTube then.

I also did a video that I put in directly and then inserted a transcript document underneath for a different example.

Cheers, Sharon.

Central LXD

Hi Alyssa,

In terms of accessibility, the Accordian Block isn't a great solution for us since someone has to scroll down to read it, and wouldn't be able to follow along with a video tutorial. Youtube and Vimeo are also a little clunky as a solution since people would have to login (and re-login) to those accounts separately, then log in to our LMS, in order to watch the videos -- not the best user experience. Do you know if Rise will add the ability to upload a .vtt or .srt (or any other way to overlay closed captions) in the near future, if ever? 

Dong Liang

I recently bump into the same problem. So here is a summary of my findings:

1. storyline block: perfect functionality. but it takes more time.

2. accordion: okay solution. what is lacking here is the ability to open one tab by default.

3. tab: this is what I currently use. see below.

lesley moore

Hi, just found this thread after discovering that the closed caption option isn't available in RISE. I have tried the suggestion above by adding the video into Storyline and than adding the captions - then adding the Articulate block into Rise. But I need to make sure the end user has seen the video before moving on. I've noticed that If you add a divider and tell it that the user must view the above block before moving on, it doesn't wait until the stoyline block is complete, it allows the user to move on as soon as they scroll onto the Storyline block. Is there a work around for this? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Andrea. I don't have an update to share on closed captioning just yet, but we'll be sure to let you know if that feature is added to Rise in the future. 

I realize the workarounds aren't ideal, especially if your course includes lots of video. Thanks for sticking with us on this, and I appreciate you letting us know this is an important feature for you!

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