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Patricia Raymond

I think i have already +1 on this feature request, but it's worth repeating :). Needing to host the videos elsewhere as embeds, or building them into storyline blocks with players that have this feature greatly effectively negates  the elegant simplicity of building courses in Rise. Close captioning really should be table stakes for a video player.

Alex Connor

Seeing @RichardFlemings original comment I agree that the CC options at the moment all feel like work arounds at best. It seems to me that having the need to use Storyline for video add-ins affects the best characteristic of RISE being its "time it takes to create beautiful eLearning".

I haven't seen it explicitly mentioned in this discussion yet but to throw it in, the fact Replay360 doesn't have built in CC management options that can import, edit and export CC files so the user can edit them alongside editing the video that it will be referencing seems bizarre :S That said, doing what Storyline can accomplish as a minimum in Replay360 would be an achievement in itself.

Is a 'true' player block for Rise and CC management for Replay360 something that is being assessed for development right now? Seems like it could lead to clear service wins over other competitive software if this was addressed :)