Completion and rise interaction

Sep 12, 2022


Probably an error due to storyline interaction in rise with a block storyline (print the results), Moodle sends me this :

Un paramètre requis (sesskey) est manquant

Plus d'informations sur cette erreur

Info de débogage 
Error code: missingparam

Trace de la pile 

  • line 497 of /lib/setuplib.php: moodle_exception thrown
  • line 566 of /lib/moodlelib.php: call to print_error()
  • line 73 of /lib/sessionlib.php: call to required_param()
  • line 71 of /mod/scorm/prereqs.php: call to confirm_sesskey()

Any idea ?

I'm using Rise 360 and storyline 360 as well, it's working perfectly in review

Thanks for your help



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Hazel Bartolome
Hi Christophe! Sorry to hear you are getting an error when you upload your Rise course in Moodle.
I would suggest troubleshooting your file in SCORM Cloud to check if the behavior is the same. SCORM Cloud is an industry-standard testing engine that's free and supports AICC, SCORM, Tin Can API (xAPI), and cmi5 content.
This video tutorial demonstrates how to use SCORM Cloud with Articulate content.
Please let us know if your course gives out the same errors in SCORM Cloud.