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Jul 09, 2017

Just thought I would ask the question before I build one myself, but has anyone developed any kind of word document/template to facilitate development in Rise?

Basically a script document that contains the content that needs to be authored in Rise, along with what kind of content-type is required etc.


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Jim Muirhead

Yes this would be VERY handy. We produced a template file in PPT for Storyline lessons (template slides for different activities etc) but as authoring in Rise is more akin to a Word document it would be great to have a template to replicate this. This would give content authors a structure to work to, an awareness of the kind of interactions then can work with and a sense of lesson structure (headings, sub-lessons etc). By doing that, the eLearning team will find it much easier to build the Rise lesson. 

The challenge I can see is how to give authors the knowledge of tools available e.g. accordion, flip card, gallery etc. I can't see a way of making template 'elements' in a Word doc template.

Jim Muirhead

Hi Allison

The reason why is that we have many content authors who do not have Rise subscriptions. They are also busy professionals so to give them a template to work with would make a lot of sense, and help our team of content builders - so they are not having to try and 'work things out' when given a messy document.

As stated, PPT/Keynote worked well because you can have template slides that show the kind of interactions that could take place. Not so easy on a Word doc.

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