Continue button disappearing in completed Rise courses

May 08, 2019

Hi everyone,

I have uploaded a Rise course to our LMS and then completed it. When I then go back to look at different lessons, the continue button block has disappeared, and the only way I can navigate is to use the menu tree on the left. My settings in Rise are to always show the continue button. How do I fix this?



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Allison LaMotte

Hi Emma,

It sounds like you may have turned off the Next and Previous buttons and have inserted Continue blocks to allow your learners to navigate from one lesson to another. Is there a specific reason you decided to do that?

Continue buttons are set to disappear once clicked, so that’s why you’re not seeing them the second time through the course.

The easiest way to fix this would be to turn the Next and Previous buttons back on in the course settings and delete the Continue blocks.

I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Emma McGrath

Hi Allison,

Thanks for your answer - I turned them off because at no point was there ever any pointer/indication/training which specified that the continue button was not to be used for navigating between lessons. I don't understand why the buttons are set to disappear - can you give me an example of a way to use them?

I will go back and edit my courses, thanks again for taking the time to reply.


Allison LaMotte

Hi Emma,

I'm sorry for the confusion. The main purpose of the Continue block is to control learner progression within a given lesson. For example, if you want to make sure your learners view a video before reading the text that follows, you can insert a Continue block below your video and change the settings to that the button becomes active only once the view is viewed. In that context, the Continue button disappears to reveal the text below your video. Here's an article with some videos that should give you a clearer picture of some typical use cases.

There's no rule saying you can't use them to navigate between lessons, however when you do you'll run into the issue you're seeing when learners go back and view the course for a second time.

I hope that makes sense! I'm sorry once again for the confusion and I hope that it won't be too much work to edit your courses.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. :)

Peter Ward

We're experiencing this same problem. Our client at The Coca-Cola Company tasked us with building a Rise course with auto-playing narrations. Since there isn't a good solution for that in Rise (even though many people are asking for it), we discovered that including the audio in Storyline blocks allows narrations to auto-play. We added "Continue" buttons after each Storyline block to ensure they would play one at a time. Unfortunately, now that the entire course has been built, we've discovered that if a user completes a lesson and then goes back to it to review, all of the blocks play at the same time. We really need a solution for this!

Clive Hands

Would it be possible in future updates to not only have the choice of whether the separator Continue button disappears or not on subsequent review but also to have the capability to customize it with branding/logos as well so that any Rise module can be better branded for a customers needs...

Otherwise Rise is just great and getting better all the time

Global Training

We are having the same issue. We have designed multiple non-linear courses in which we use buttons to customize content and direct learners to non-linear lessons based on their input. So we need to turn off the back and next buttons. 

We can use buttons on some lessons instead of the continue button to solve this issue, but in cases where we don't want the button to appear before all interactive content has been viewed, we will have to have them click an unlocked continue button only to reveal an advance to next lesson button. That creates a pretty clunky user experience. 

Having a restart button that reset all of the continue buttons would be ideal.  


Brian Runo

I'm not a fan of the "next/previous" button setup. I built out my course using the "Continue" buttons and was wondering why they were disappearing after completion. It would be nicer, in my opinion, to have side-by-side continue/previous buttons similar to button block, but to remove the text area. 

Kath Willis

Hi, I'm another person who doesn't love the continue buttons disappearing. I've used a branching scenario using the link buttons (before the scenario interaction was available) and therefore don't want people to be able to see everything in the menu or navigate using the menu. The continue buttons were nice and big and easy to see/ lock when required and now I have to remove them all because people can no longer see them if they have to go back to the course.

Daron Latta

Yes, this is causing issues for our learners.  I want to make sure they look at each section before moving on, so I have added continue buttons.  It doesn't make sens that they would disappear.  It would be great if they stayed unlocked once they pass that section.

Our issue is, some users are doing part of the course then returning at a later time to complete the remainder.  This is causing them to think the course is broken and will not let them move forward.

Virtual Wallet

I've had about 10 issues now with this software and the awful settings you impose. Had I not already spent days building out a course for the client already, I would have moved to a different solution. 

You are FORCING your users to conduct their own courses, in a specific way, that a vast majority simply do not want. 

What's more, I've seen hundreds of comments on these issues on your forum like this. You have a 'free' and available resource of user research here, and a lot of it is 10 months ago, 14 months ago, 2 years ago.... and obviously nothing has been implemented. 

Allowing your uses to choose if their buttons disappear or not, should be a standard. I don't like your next/previous buttons, as they are labeled as your lesson name. We dont want that. we just want a "next" or "continue" button rendering this solution useless. 

Virtual Wallet
Chino Navarro

Thanks for asking, Jennifer. The feature to prevent the continue button from disappearing isn't on our priority list right now, but I really appreciate you letting us know you need this option.

Well, that's really, REALLY poor. 

Your users are reporting somthing thats not working, and you say "it's not a priority" ? 

I don't think I'll be renewing my subscription. I'm shocked at the lack or care for ANY points raised on this forum....


Patty Maher

Can you please provide ideas for alternatives? I've built a course using Rise that allows various paths through the material, including going back to some modules again. I don't know what to do now -- is my only option to go linearly in Rise? Do I need to build this all over again in SL or another tool?


Crystal Horn

Hi, Patty! I was just going to suggest using a button block at the end of your lessons to navigate to the next logical place in the course. 

The continue block mainly helps to progressively reveal content in the lesson to your learners. It helps them pace their learning so they don't just quickly scroll through. Once clicked, it goes away to reveal the subsequent lesson content. It remains gone because Rise remembers that the user has made progress in that lesson and that they don't need to complete the above blocks again.

I can see that this is problematic if you use the continue block as the last block in your lesson to navigate to the next lesson. The workarounds in this scenario would be to either use a button block instead, or to enable the sidebar menu so revisits to this lesson don't cause the learner to get stuck.

Marci Sheer

I'm having issues all of a sudden with the continue button - I need to make sure the learner clicks through the scenarios so I've been using all blocks above and - it's not opening the continue button even when all things are clicked through?
This has brought my work and deliverables to a stand still - can someone help me figure out what's happening? Thank you!