Copyright text/text block at bottom of a course?

Aug 24, 2017

Is there a way to add a copyright (or some kind of footer text) to the end of the course that's visible upon initial course launch (not requiring a user to jump into a content block to see it)?

I realize I can create a content block/lesson, but that makes it clickable and look like a lesson, which I don't want.

I also realize I can add something at the end of a lesson (block), but that requires a user to go into that lesson to see it, which I don't want.

There's a way to add a logo or cover photo, and change labels, but no option to add a footer for boilerplate text, like a copyright?

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Donald Kerns

I haven't found a way to add the copyright footer (I agree it would be a great option for Settings - also, having a standard header option might be useful at times too).

But I have found 2 limited options for copyright statements:

  1. Create a "copyright section" (shift+enter) in the Rise course menu. Space is very limited (note that you can enter more text -- it wraps and will not be displayed in the menu). Also, it is all caps only. You cannot do this with an empty lesson as it won't be displayed, but it works for empty "sections." A "copyright section" can be placed anywhere in the Rise course menu (e.g., top or bottom).
    Example: © 2017 ABC COMPANY LIMITED.
  2. Add the copyright statement at the top or bottom of the Course Description. It is displayed whenever the course detail is accessed (i.e., start-up or when the learner clicks the Course Title at the top of the Rise course menu).

Neither option gets the copyright statement throughout the site, but they may help (until Articulate adds a header/footer options to Settings).


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