Course does not send complete status on iPads

Hello, I have a problem with a course made in Rise running on iPads. When i finish test it doesn't send complete status. I run course in LMS that is made by company I work in. When its run on PC status is sent correctly. 

I tested course in Scorm Cloud and it works properly on both, PC and iPads.

Could it be a problem with course or LMS?

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for joining the community, Konrad!

Good to hear the course reports correctly in SCORM Cloud. At least now we can rule out any issues related to Rise or specific browser(s).

Now, let's focus on why it's explicitly not working in your LMS. As a next step, you could enable LMS debug mode to capture the communication flowing between your Rise project and LMS. Then, share that data with your LMS admin to see if they can nail down the culprit.

Out of curiosity, what LMS and iOS version are you using? I'll check to see if we had similar reports and keep you in the know. We'll figure this out together!