Courses freezing, audio not playing and fatal errors on exiting courses

Sep 02, 2019

Hi there,

We are having intermittent issues relating to courses freezing, audio in videos or embedded in the course itself not playing and recently fatal memory errors on exiting courses.

Some of the courses have been created in Articulate 360 but most are RISE courses.  I had to publish a few modules recently that had been created for us using 360 and encountered the "fatal error on exiting" then but managed to resolve this by updating 360 and republishing.

Since then we have had a few users who, regardless of where or how they log in to our LMS experience audio issues.  Others have experienced courses freezing.

I've run these issues by our LMS provided PeopleStream and our IT team but we still continue to have a small proportion of users experiencing issues.

So, has anyone experienced this sort of behaviour from their online learning courses?  I've tried republishing and have had users with issues complete courses in SCORM Cloud - where it works just fine for them.  The people having issues seem to have the same issues regardless of the device or how they connect.

I'm beginning to think it's an LMS issue but would like to rule out Articulate as a possible cause - the index issue and fatal error fix made me realise that I can't rule this out.

Could the SCORM version I'm publishing to make a difference?  I publish to 2004v4 and either use course completion or quiz result to trigger completion.

I'd appreciate any and all suggestions or ideas.





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Marc Koenecke

Hi Matthew,

Thank for replying.  At the office we have very tight control over PC's and software with our IT department managing what's installed, and because we run a Citrix environment for our remote offices we typically recommend that they use Google Chrome on their work PC and avoid going through Citrix.  This has been working for more than two years now.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of our staff do their learning from home, and they aren't, for the most part, IT enthusiasts. I have been trying to get our admin support to collect more detail but have only just created an error log to collect all the data you've suggested.

As far as the version of SCORM I've been using goes, I'd assumed that using the latest version of SCORM would be a good idea.  I had a nagging suspicion that I didn't know enough about the differences, but all I'd been able to glean from online articles was that 2004v4 allowed greater reporting flexibility - it didn't cross my mind that this might cause issues due to a reporting overhead.  Would SCORM 1.2 be sufficient for courses that rely on simple quizzes?  I'll need to do some testing.

BTW: Have you had any luck using articulates debugging mode?

Thanks again. 

Marc Koenecke

Thanks Matthew.

Do you know of any resource that explains the merits of the various SCORM standards?  In doing some quick scanning I've come across a forum discussing where it is suggested that 1.2 doesn't sequence content automatically and that the user has to manually launch SCO objects - I doubt our courses are sufficiently complex for this to be an issue.
Appreciate you're comments.



Marc Koenecke

Thanks I did scan through SCORM.COM but clearly need to look  more closely at it.

Our courses generally only have one graded quiz and so far we aren't looking at the answers in any detail, although it's clearly something we will need to do going forward - to focus in on specific issues.
I've done some testing with 1.2 and the course seems to be more responsive.  Might be my imagination but possibly a result of cutting down on how verbose the course is has this result.

I'll do as you suggest and take a longer course and see if it resumes properly.

Do you feel that it is possible that the audio issues stem from this?  Or is it more likely the browser version being used or the version of flash (or lack of flash as our LMS support has proposed)?


Marc Koenecke

I've just received a response from our LMS.  It appears that they only support v1.2 in the server version we use - we did ask about this a few years back when we started online learning and I'm fairly sure they indicated that they supported 2004 :(.  Anyway, I've also found a case were CANVAS users had audio issues when publishing SCORM content, so perhaps the issue is with the LMS after all.  We haven't had significant issues over the last 2 years of publishing to 2004v4 but now we do.  It's all a bit frustrating.  A learning opportunity but still frustrating.

I'll post updates in case someone else goes through this.


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