COVID-19 Rise Course

Mar 14, 2020

Hi Community,

I created this yesterday to support our retail teams as we all work together to address the current situation with COVID-19. My company is sharing this with anyone who feels they might benefit from the info, especially smaller employers who may not have the resources to put this sort of material together for staff.

If this is of help to anyone, please feel free to share the link. There's no competition during a pandemic - only community. 

We're all in this together. Best wishes and good health to you all.


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Danny Cole

Sarah,  Thank you so much for making this available. I work at the Sydney Children's Hospital in Sydney, Australia and we primarily use Storyline but with such a well designed course available to play with I would love to try and make something available outside our LMS using this Rise course. I will send you a link if we get the go-ahead. Once again, thank you for sharing.

Sarah Bezanson

Hi Carl - sorry, I can't see it pinned to your message or your profile. Can you post it here or email to me at so I can send it to you? If you're answering from email, you might want to come on to the page to delete your email sign off - it posts with all your contact info except the email address! :)